I earned my Horticulture degree at Long Beach City College in 1996.

When I moved to Tucson in 1998 I realized not much grows there but cactus and weeds. So I started making my websites and creating interesting and different crafts. The Overall Planters are my favorite.  Everyone that sees them says, "Oh How Cute! " I knew people would like them and would want to make them so I decided to make a few and also sell the instructions to make them.
I also thought  Upside Down Tomatoes were a fun and unique idea. I grow tomatoes the Upside Down way and it is so much easier than all the staking and weeding a person has to deal with in a garden.  So I created an instruction booklet to teach people how to make Upside Down Tomatoes too.

There are a lot of free crafts and ideas here I hope you will give some a try to and let me know how they turned out. Send a photo for me to display here!

You can email me with any questions anytime at thehappyhorticulturist@yahoo.com

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