For the Birds

Here are some really fun and whimsical garden projects to attract birds to your garden. If you have any problems or questions please email me.

Apple Bird Feeder

Isn't this adorable? It is made from a 2 liter plastic soda bottle that is painted white for the core in the center and red like the peel on each end with a hole cut into the side to fill the bottle with seed and  feed the birds from.  A few black apple seeds are painted around the hole. Then silk leaves are tied on around the bottom of the cap with some raffia. A firm wire is place below the hole for the birds to stand on as they eat. This is hung from the branch of a tree with some rope or wire and will be admired and copied by all who see it!  I can imagine some other fruits that would be very cute too. Try oranges, lemons, watermelon, green apples, plums, or peaches. Let your imagination create some fun new ideas!

Tea Cup Bird Feeder

This is easy and fun to do. There are hundreds of variations too. You can paint your teacup any way you'd like. Garage sale finds are welcome and a very economical way to get this project done cheaply.

You need:
Cup and saucer
A wooden dowel
Strong adhesive glue (such as Liquid Nails brand)

Glue the dowel to the bottom of the saucer. Glue the cup onto the top of the saucer. Let the adhesive dry and set for the amount of time suggested on the package directions. Then when the glue is firmly set stick the dowel in the ground and fill the cup with bird seed and enjoy the tea party!

Terra Cotta Pot Bird Bath

Maybe you have seen these before. They sure are a popular hang out for the birds! It is easy to make and you have so many decorating choices to make in your design. Have fun!

You will need:

1 each: 12", 14", 16" terra cotta flower pot

1- 20" diameter clay saucer that is waterproof on the inside

(for the Kitty Kat feeder/bath you will also need the smaller pots for the ears. Be sure to glue them on securely!)

Exterior paints in assorted colors for your design along with stencils, stamps or decals.

Patio Paint clear gloss or oil based sealant to seal the pots before painting

Paint brushes and sponges

Liquid Nails Adhesive

Water based polyurethane

Sand Paper

To begin, sand any rough spots or loose clay particles from the rim and edges. Stack the pots starting with the largest upside down on the bottom then the medium and then the small. Mark a line below the rims where the pots meet together so you will know where they overlap and your design won't be hidden.

Unstack the pots and seal the inside of the pots and the saucer (if you didn't buy a waterproof saucer) and seal the rim of the large 16" pot that will be sitting on the ground. Seal and then let the pots sit in the sun to "bake" the sealant in so it will set quicker. Then let them dry completely.

Paint your design and decorate to your desire. Use stamps, stencils, animals, flowers whatever you like. Let dry. When completely dry, seal with three coats of the water based polyurethane on all areas, letting each coat dry in between.  Water based polyurethane will leave a clear coat where as an oil based polyurethane will cause a yellow or amber tint which will discolor your design.

Glue the saucer to the small 12" pot so the critters won't tip it off and break it as they climb up to get food or water. Run a bead of Liquid Nails on the pot where it will be attached to the saucer. Turn the saucer over on the floor and place the small pot in the center and let dry according to the Liquid nails package directions.

Starting with the largest pot carefully stack the pots into position. If they wiggle place some weather stripping or small pieces of foam hidden in between the rims of the  pots to stabilize the wiggle. Gently place the pot with the saucer glued to it on the top of the stack.  Fill the saucer with water for a bird bath or bird food for a bird feeder.

Bird Feeder Wreath

To Make a wreath that the birds will love to eat  you will need:

A straw wreath
Glue gun or Elmer's brand glue

Some edibles for the birds are:

* dried whole sunflower seeds
* popcorn cobs
* bird seeds of all types
* pine cones
* dried flowers
* herbs
* wheat
* acorns (wood peckers favorite)

Once the birds have eaten the things glued to the wreath you can usually glue more on it and reuse the wreath over and over. The birds will be looking forward to it!


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