Gourd Diorama

Making this gourd diorama was easy. I love miniatures and this was fun to do. I bought a gourd at the Ben Franklin craft store and had Jaime cut the opening with a very thin serrated pumpkin carving tool. Then I cleaned out the seeds and most of the dried innards. I found some modeling compound (Model Magic) at the craft store for the landscape so the ground wouldn't be flat and the back house would be on a hill. I crumpled some tin foil and made the hills and valleys where I wanted them then I flattened the moulding compound over the tin foil and spread it out on top of the foil. I could have used clay for this step instead. Then I waited over night for the modeling compound to dry. then I painted it a earthy brown color with darker areas in the low spots and lighter color in the higher areas for contrast. When the paint was dry I hot glued the houses, cactus and rocks and the little pots and buffalo skull and ladder into the scene. I made the skull with salt dough. The houses and cactus were pre made cut outs from Ben Franklin Craft store that I painted.

I am planning another Gourd Diorama that will look like a cliff dwelling! It may even have lighting!


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