or a new, unique take on holiday wreaths make one out of cactus pads!

Fasten a wreath hanger or hook to the back of a straw wreath base. Then using tongs to handle the prickly pear cactus pads (about 8-10) attach them to the base with wood florist's picks or hot glue. Leave an opening at the top for the fan palm and desert rose. Arrange the fan palm and glue the desert rose in place.

An alternate bow is using 3-4 dry red chili peppers tied together by the stems in two sets opposite each other and attach to the base with wire then add a raffia bow to the center between the two sets of chili bows to hide the stems. See the photo of the Bay Leaf Wreath below for an example. Then glue the whole arrangement to the base and spray the wreath with clear polyurethane.


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